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Sandra Barber

Sandy Barber is a Dja Daj Wurrung/Yorta Yorta woman and part of the Stolen Generation.

Sandy worked in the fitness area for over 20 years, had a break, changed direction in her career and is now back in the industry to support people to use mindfulness and movement to return to their roots through the Wayapa Wuurrk practices.

Sandy has previously managed a gym in Palm Beach Queensland, has run exercise classes with the elderly and children. Sandy has coached year 1-10 students to participate in interschool aerobic competitions, and she has participated in aerobics competitions herself. Sandy has been a personal trainer and loves to see people reach their goals and learn how to take care of themselves, and through the Wayapa Wuurrk principles, learn how to take care of Mother Nature as well as themselves.

Wayapa Wuurrk is an ancient Aboriginal beautiful modality, bringing culture, mindfulness and movement altogether to bring us back to connecting with all the elements that keep us sustained on this earth. By practising this beautiful modality, we can all be more connected to Mother Earth.

Sandy loves working with children and loves to see them grow into the people they were born to be. She believes that by laying the Wayapa Wuurrk principles into children’s lives, she is building a strong foundation into their lives. And this is a very positive step towards developing children to become connected adults with a love for their surroundings and Mother Nature and with a desire to look after and nurture her. 

What is Wayapa Wuurrk? 

Mind, body, soul/spirit connection to Mother Earth. 


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