Sandra Barber

Gartna, Dhelkunya, Garinga

(Connect, Heal, Grow)


Wayapa Wuurrk

My Story


My name is Sandra Barber (Sandy). I completed my Wayapa Wuurrk Diploma in November 2018. Wayapa Wuurrk for me is a modality that brings me closer to Mother Nature.

After I completed my diploma, it took me a while to know where I wanted to share this beautiful ancient practice. Then reflecting on what I had done previously, it was clear to me, children and adolescents were my favourite people to work with.

I have worked with children for many years now. My first job was in 1981- 1984  with a Christian school based in Byron Bay, which then moved to Mullumbimby. I worked as a teacher’s aid for prep and grade one.

I got married in 1986 and had my two beautiful children, who are now 33 and 31.  Around 1991, I completed my Cert 3 in fitness which then allowed me to teach aerobics classes. I spent roughly 20 years in the gym industry. By obtaining my fitness leaders qualification I had the opportunity to manage a gym in Palm Beach Queensland, teach aerobics classes to adults and children and also do some personal training at various gyms.

The highlight of these years was teaching aerobics at Currumbin primary school where my daughter was attending. After many hours of rehearsal, Currumbin Primary School entered the interschool aerobics competitions. A year or so after my daughter and son commenced school at Hillcrest Christian College, I continued to teach aerobics to my daughters class, year 3 and also trained year 10 students for their interschool aerobics competition.

In 2007 I studied Cert 3 in Children’s Services and after completing this course I commenced work as a room assistant at Yappera Children’s Services in Thornbury, Victoria. 

So now it is my great pleasure to share Wayapa Wuurrk with preschools, kinders and primary school students and teachers.


Testimonies. 18.3.2020

Sandy Barber recently visited Sirius College to provide the year 9 students with an induction to Wayapa Wuurrk. This was a wonderful opportunity to complement the study of Rabbit-Proof Fence movie and related issues with the direct learning experience of Aboriginal culture provided by Sandy. Sandy ran a participatory classroom, teaching the natural elements recognised in her culture, then stepped the students through the wonderfully integrated movements symbolising these elements and creating harmony and connection. Her presentation was professional in every way, and the students and I appreciated her calm presence and patient instruction. The benefits of providing this stepping stone to understanding Aboriginal culture cannot be overestimated, and I look forward to working with Sandy again in the future.